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Kia EV9 server down due to rush of reservations in Canada.. is it a sign of great success?

Is the Kia EV9's server crash from a Canadian reservation stampede a shockingly good sign? Looks like it! Canadians are racing for a piece of that electric action, and Kia might need a digital pit crew upgrade. So, is this a sign of big success? You bet! The EV9's the hottest ticket in town, and the server just couldn't handle the horsepower. Time to buckle up and join the electric excitement, eh?

Kia got a jumpstart on reservations as they introduced the EV9 to the Great White North. To make sure the locals get their EV fix first, 527 units were lined up for Canada right off the bat.

They opened the pre-registration floodgates on their website, but oh boy, it was like a stampede of eager beavers! The server took a tumble faster than a maple leaf in autumn. Turns out, folks were buzzing like bees to get their hands on the EV9. According to the grapevine (aka social media), some dedicated Canucks hit that refresh button up to a staggering 55,542 times by Monday afternoon. That's like more clicks than there are "eh"s in a Canadian conversation, eh? And here's the kicker: a whopping 100 times more folks swarmed the site than there were EV9s up for grabs. It's like trying to fit a moose through a hockey goal - demand's a tad higher than supply, don'tcha think? 🚗🇨🇦🍁



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